Verity Strange

Sorcerer and pain in the ass

Body Hits 16
Mind Hits 12
Essence 4/8
Soul Hits 40


  • Charisma +2
  • Toughness: +2
  • Status 5


  • Sorcery


  • Addicted/1 (Tobacco)
  • Guilt/1
  • Hatred/2


Skill TN
Dodge/1 5
Escape/2 6
Running/1 5
Swimming/1 1
Skill TN
Computer Operation/1 7
Knowledge/5 (London) 11
Knowledge/6 (Occult) 12
Languages/3 (English) 9
Languages/1 (Latin) 7
Lockpicking/6 9
Lying/6 12
Small Weapon/2 (Athame) 5
Skill TN
Detect Lies/1 7
Dreaming/1 7
Fast-Talk/2 12


Skill TN
Banishment/3 13
Command/1 11
Excorcism 10
Focus/6 9
Summon/3 13
Ritual Prerequisite
Banish Banishment/1-4
Suggest Command/1
Symphonic Awakening Focus/1
Protective Ward Focus/1
Locate Focus/1
Sacrifice for Essence Focus/2
Store Essence Focus/3
Siphon Essence Focus/5
Permanent Ward Focus/6
Summon Destroyer Summon/3



Verity moved in with her grandmother when she was six. She has no coherent memories of the time before that, including her parents. Her grandmother died when Verity was 14, and the grief started a chain reaction that lead to Verity awakening herself to the Symphony.

With no living and known family, Verity ran away rather than be put into foster care. She lived on the streets until a woman by the name of Annabel Cross took her in. Annabel claimed to be a witch, and she showed Verity enticing glimpses of power. After living with Annabel for about a year, Verity discovered that Annabel intended to sacrifice her, and that she was not the first street urchin in Annabel’s care.

Verity used her new-found knowledge to beat Annabel to the punch. She called upon the pagan god herself and made her own bargain. She was initiated into sorcery and was given a strange tattoo. Afterwards she stole as much of Annabel’s library as she could carry, set fire to the livingroom rug, and left. Annabel escaped, and Verity has not seen her since.

By the age of 23, Verity had gained enough magical knowledge and experience to be dangerous with it. She put this to use when a loose sheddite caused havoc in London. She and her sorcerous friends tried to stop the sheddite, only to fail badly. With several of her friends dead, Verity summoned up a demon to stop the sheddite. She made what she thought to be the usual deal with the demon: Her soul in exchange for a service, payable a decade from then. The demon took care of the sheddite, but caused nearly as much destruction as the sheddite did in the process.

The demon came to collect ten years later, as agreed. Through a combination of trickery and luck, Verity managed to destroy the demon’s vessel and send it back to Hell. When another year had passed, the demon tried again, but this time it sent Ebadel to do the dirty work. Ebadel nearly killed her, but she was saved by angels.

In the last year, Verity has saved a child’s life, prevented rape of young woman, and nearly died to stop the murder of a friend.

Verity Strange

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