In ancient history there were 3 great wise women who spun, wove and cut the threads of fate. As time marched on mankind forgot about them but Nonalel, Decimariel and Mortalux continued to stand as watchers of mankinds destiny.

Nonalel, the weigher, seraphim of Yves is the most ancient of the three. Bidden by Yves himself to weigh the length of destiny of all mankind she continues in her ancient task, one human at a time. It is rumoured that her task will never be complete until the last human is born, then, the power of her word complete she will ascend to be with many others such as Uriel who have completed their heavenly task. Few angels have seen her, and even fewer still comment on it in any detail except to say that the angel, like Decimariel and Mortalux always appear to those who seek a true audience with Destiny.

Most of heaven however consider her and the other two as myths, legends to be ignored at best, and scorned at worst. Most of the pantheon of Heaven struggles to comprehend three powerful worded angels given such a demeaning task when the war is ever present.

Nonalel herself never speaks, it is said yet always knows the true measure of a person, the knowledge of which is often sought and oft the greatest burden.


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