In ancient history there were 3 great wise women who spun, wove and cut the threads of fate. As time marched on mankind forgot about them but Nonalel, Decimariel and Mortalux continued to stand as watchers of mankinds destiny.

In mankinds history the idea of an incarnate death has maintained strength. From the Grim Reaper to Samael or Azrael, archangel of Death in Jewish lore, and retribution in Islamic. Mortalux, the Watcher of Destiny is rumoured to have been all of these throughout time to great dispute by the conventional wisdom of the Host and the Seraphim Council.

Ignored as a ludicrous proposition Mortalux is considered a bed time story for idiots and cherubs. Most angels simply refuse to consider the idea that an archangel would simply be part of Yves retinue, even more so do they refuse the notion that nominally Mortalux is the weakest of the three. Like Nonalel serious conversation about her is dismissed out of hand but even in heaven rumours continue on.

A faithful servant once asked Dominic about the truth about Mortalux before the whole of the Seraphim Council. It is, reportedly, the only time that Dominic has been seen with all his eyes shut although only for a moment. His response was short and dismissive although supporters of hers believe it to be the most damning evidence for her existence. He replied, “Were such a monster to exist, such dischord would shatter the strands of fate and I would destroy the monstrosity immediately.”, a pause followed before he continued simply. “Had I the power.”


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