The Virtues

The Virtues is the name of the organisation led by the person known only as The Thorn. Whilst little information is known about him, terrestial intelligence gathering has suggested that the name is derived from christian angelic heirachial concepts and that the heavy religious text of the organisation supports this.

Styling themselves as saviours and saints the organisation has inflicted significant terrorism across the globe, although focusing on the first world. Preferred targets tend to be schools, parks, sports and entertainment venues, almost exclusively focused around targetting what the Virtuous refers to as “The happy dead”. Dictating the idea that they are freeing people to live the true life by killing them, but only desiring outwardly happy victims has led many governments and law enforcement agencies to write off the organisation as a fringe lunatic cult movement however the often flawlessly executed attacks demonstrate a high degree of sophistication and skillset which contradicts the trivialising definition so often given to them.

The soldiers of the Virtues are known as the Virtious and to this day, not a single one has been captured alive. In any engagement of forces, it is believed that the soldiers are heavily dosed with euphoric but fatal drugs of an unknown composition that results in death approximately 30 minutes after the end of the planned engagement. As such every attack is considered one of a suicidal nature and has been exceptionally difficult to counter with conventional policing.

Heaven denies any involvement with the group, believing them to be a horrendous work of some demon prince and actively attempt to infiltrate and shut down the organisation.

Hell simply laughs at the group, although some reports suggest that elements within hell are concerned about the organisations end goals since the dogma they spout is one of a militant anti demon bent.

The Virtues

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