Villa de Medici minore

A large 4 bedroom Villa in the florentine countryside once rumoured to have been the holiday home of some of the Medici family. The name stuck despite it’s dubious providence and is now often rented out to wealthy tourists who want to visit the country in style.

On the grounds is an elaborate and quite beautiful vineyard producing a semi-rare chianti that whilst not groundbreaking, makes for a steady profit. The estate itself is managed by a union whom tends to tender their contract to whoever happens to own the estate at the time for it is one of the many properties that circulates through the market frequently as travellers and rich businessmen discover that being 20 miles away from the nearest town or village is really quite the inconvenience.

This property is currently unguarded with no logistical support or supplies for a protracted siege.

Physical Defence
2/5 : Due to it’s naturally defensive architecture and the clearing of about half a mile around the Villa, the structure is naturally reasonably defensible, crude early warning systems will give you some time to position yourselves appropriately, at least.

Celestial Defence
0/5 : Put simply, there isn’t any.

2/5 : Over a prolonged period of time this property will eventually pay for itself, but mostly it produces a steady stream of revenue from wine sales

3/5 : The Villa is not only out of the way, but fairly hard to find down a few different country lanes, on one side of the structure is a forest and on the other hills block any line of sight. It is quite out of the way.

Villa de Medici minore

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